The work explores ironic notions of meaning in a digital age, human sustainability in its relationship to nature, and the ephemera of a modern world. 

A background as a professional art director and motion designer in TV and advertising has had a strong influence in the work. Fascinated by the chaos of media from TV and print to social media, I see a human struggle to make sense of it all in an era of 'fake news'. As attention spans shrink in this escalating media 'vortex', I also see a kind of broad symbol of an industrialized world, susceptible to its challenging relationship with nature, and the sustainability of our planet. In an era of accelerated tech progress in areas like gene editing, 3D human tissue printers, and mapping the human genome, the evolution of our species, even the construction of our DNA, will no longer depend on natural selection itself. 

Current/Upcoming Exhibitions

Group Show -LA Artcore, '5th Annual Exhibition', Los Angeles, CA  7/5 - 7/29, 2019

Published - ‘Jellies’ piece in Murze Magazine (UK), ‘Action on Climate Change’ exhibition, April Issue 5, 2019

Past Exhibitions

Group Show - Lankershim Arts Center, 'Gallery 800', North Hollywood,CA  1/12 - 3/11, 2019

Group Show - Orangeland Gallery, 'No Mud No Lotus'. San Francisco,CA  6/9 - 7/14, 2018

Group Show -LA Artcore, '4th Annual Exhibition', Los Angeles, CA  7/1 - 7/29, 2018

Solo Show - ArtShare LA, Los Angeles, CA      10/24, 2017 - 04/20, 2018

Group Show - Ted Casablanca Gallery, 'Summer of Resilience', Palm Springs, CA  7/1 - 7/15, 2016

Group Show - Jai&Jai Gallery, 'Resolution', Los Angeles, CA  7/2 - 7/23, 2016

Group Show - Linus Gallery, 'Montage', Pasadena, CA  10/17 - 11/13, 2015

We are fragile creatures, and it is from this weakness, not despite it, that we discover the possibility of true joy.
— Desmond Tutu


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